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First I would like to thank my BEST online friend Cheabon.Cheabon,girl I dunno what I'd do if you weren't there to cheer me up!
To my best offline friend Jordan,you're the BESTEST friend ever!
To my Sweetheart,Nikesilver.I really love you and you know that!!Just remember your Boonie will always be here for you!
To Janelle and Nicole thanks for helping out,you guys are Great!
To the 2Twins C and F,you guys are great friends!
To Jade and Charity you two are coooolll,dudes,Love ya lots!!
To Juls thanks for all you've done I'll be there!
To Tine and Tatyana,we'll always be th best singing group ever!Love you guys!
To P.E.B We both may have moved our seperate ways but I still love you,you're a great friend!
Shoutouts to
Makaveli-Love ya lots,Thug!
MOJO-You are a true MAN
Zim Zum-I love you,constantly thinking of you!=)
Twiggy-I guess I can forgive and forget.Love ya lots!
Frankie-Keep yourself in check,remember i'm NOT single!
Dennis-I know you probably think I always forget about you but I really don't!
Paul777-I won't forget you!
Krazytoons-You actually seem pretty COOL,stay outta trouble.Keep your cousin in check J/K
To Jordan,Asha,Lesley,India,and Jeanette.We are true sisters.Love you all lots!
To Sean and Josh,stay outta of my way..i'll still love you!
To 3T keep up the good work,I love you guys ALOT..eventhough you never answer my e-mails..I still love you!=)
To the K-9 Dawgs-throughout your sport activites i'll continue to pray for you guys...just make sure you kick some K-9 Butt!!
And to anyone I didn't mention I love you and everyone I did mention.Especially the members of my club...I love all of you!



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