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It was less then 15 minutes before the plane took of on the way to MaryLand, to visit my Bookie,Sam.The only thing on my mind was "SEX".I had made a pledge to myself to make love to Sam on and off throughout my visit to Maryland.Of course this would be our first personal,actual meeting,but Sam is "Hella Fine" and sweet. As the plane was already in the air,I got more and more nervous.My friends who were with me,just made it worst."Why did I even bother bringing them?"I asked myself. Finally the plane landed and knowing Sam was in that airport made me more nervous,but I wasn't that nervous once I got off the plane. From the pictures Sam has sent, I surely know what he looks like and he knows what I look like. So as I'm walking with my friends through the airport I'm thinking "SEX..SEX...SEX" and "SAM....SAM...SAM" We stopped to pick up something Lesley dropped and I felt a tap on my sholder and I turned around and it was Sam and his friends......I nearly fainted when I saw how fine he was up close,but that didn't stop us from kissing,for almost 5 minutes. I could feel his hands rudding up and down my back, I got that crazy feeling in my pussy,like usual...We talked alot while driving to the hotel....we checked and got into out rooms.Sam and my friends got the idea that we wanted to be alone.So after they left.... ~TO BE CONTINUED~